Welcome to PhoenixSDK! This Quick Start Guide is designed to introduce key concepts and help you make a quick start with the framework.

PhoenixSDK allows us to create native iOS and Android applications using one 100% cross-platform codebase in javascript. Unlike other javascript frameworks PhoenixSDK uses all native UI controls and apps created using it are not distinguishable from native apps developed using Xcode or Android Studio.

Mac requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 or newer
  • Java 1.7 or newer

Running your Android app

To run PhoenixSDK powered Android apps you will need Android 4.1 or newer. While it is really important to test your app on real devices, it's not very convenient in every day development, it's much easier to use emulator. Unfortunately native Android emulator is rather slow, so we recommend using Genymotion.

Running your iOS app

To run PhoenixSDK powered iOS apps you will need iOS 7 or newer and Xcode installed. PhoenixSDK will automatically use Xcode's iOS simulator or attached device.

Getting Started Tutorials:

Install PhoenixSDK

Get PhoenixSDK up and running in minutes!

Hello World!

In this tutorial we build a basic app to demonstrate the key concepts and the process overall.