Today is a major milestone for Phoenix SDK development - version 1.0 has been launched!

The driving motivation for creating PhoenixSDK is to save time and resources in cross-platform development for mobile applications. Surely every developer writing an app for multiple platforms remembers the horrible realization that everything they've been working on has to be redone for another platform. Every development manager struggles to synchronize changes, fixes, and perpetual loss of developer time. These are some reasons why we decided to develop PhoenixSDK.

Version 1.0 release introduces new APIs, performance improvements, bug fixes and modification to some of the existing APIs to simplify development and reduce application code. PhoenixSDK is flexible and has "un-opinionated" APIs, which provide developers complete control over their application architecture. While such control is great for seasoned developers, it quickly turns against beginners. That's why we've open sourced all showcase apps, demonstrating how to effectively structure your application into small and independent modules.

Unlike other frameworks' claims of 90% code sharing ending up as 10-30% in reality - PhoenixSDK is 100% cross-platform - and will always be that way. Give it a try with 50% discount using coupon code "EARLYSUPPORTER" at checkout. Coupon effective April 2, to October 31, 2015!

We will be happy to help our beta participants to migrate existing code/apps to use updated APIs.