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Single codebase, no namespaces:
100% cross-platform.

When you write your code, you only have to do it once. PhoenixSDK is completely cross-platform, so there are no name spaces to worry about - if you initially create an app for iOS there's no need to rework your code to make it work with Android.

Layout UI in XML

With Phoenix SDK, you can use XML to build your UI hierarchy & completely customize the look of your application. Such separation leads not only to cleaner, more readable & maintainable code - but also improves the loading performance, since the whole layout is loaded at once.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!-- Main view -->
<FPLayout backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" orientation="horizontal" size="-1 40">
    <FPImageView image="{icon}" margin="10 4 10 4" size="32 32" />
    <FPLabel title="{title}" />

Native UI, User experience & Performance

Unlike other javascript frameworks, PhoenixSDK provides 100% platform-native UI controls and user experience, just like your end users users expect. Our framework's abstraction layer does all the heavy lifting. For example, PhoenixSDK's FPButton becomes android.widget.Button on Android and UIButton on iOS.


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API Reference

The PhoenixSDK API reference is a comprehensive list of all available methods.


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